Using a lip color can transform your look instantly, but choosing and applying the right shade can be daunting. Beauty professionals use various techniques to ensure lip color not only looks stunning but also lasts longer and complements the overall makeup. This article gathers expert tips from beauty professionals to help you master the art of lip color application, ensuring your lips look fabulous whether you’re aiming for a natural glow or a bold statement.

1. Preparation is key
Before applying any color, make sure your lips are well-prepped. Exfoliate gently to remove any dead skin, and then apply a nourishing lip balm. Hydrated lips ensure a smoother application and prevent the lipstick from settling into fine lines or appearing flaky.

2. Choose the right shade
Selecting the right lip color shade is crucial. Beauty professionals often recommend choosing lip colors based on your skin tone. For cooler skin tones, shades with blue or purple undertones work well, while warmer skin tones are complemented by lip colors with red or orange undertones. Neutral shades work well for most skin tones.

3. Use a lip liner for definition
A lip liner can define your lips and help the lipstick last longer. Choose a liner that matches your lipstick color or is a shade closer to your natural lip color. Outline your lips and fill them in lightly with the liner for a base that helps the lipstick adhere better.

4. Apply with a lip brush for precision
For a more precise application, use a lip brush, especially when applying bold or dark shades. A brush provides more control, allowing for better definition and an even application. It’s also great for layering color to achieve the desired intensity.

5. Blot and reapply
After applying the first coat of lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue and then apply a second layer. This technique helps set the color and ensures longevity. Blotting and reapplying create layers of color that are more likely to last through eating and drinking.

6. Highlight with a lighter shade
To make your lips appear fuller, apply a slightly lighter shade of lipstick or a dab of gloss in the center of your lips. This technique creates dimension and gives the illusion of volume.

7. Consider the finish
The finish of your lipstick can greatly impact your look. Matte lipsticks provide a sophisticated, long-lasting color but can be drying. Creamy or satin finishes offer hydration and a subtle sheen. Glossy finishes create a plumper look but may need more frequent reapplication.

8. Set with powder for longevity
For extra staying power, lightly dust translucent powder over your lips through a tissue after applying lipstick. This sets the color and reduces the need for touch-ups.

9. Balance your makeup
When wearing bold lip colors, keep the rest of your makeup more neutral to avoid overwhelming your face. Conversely, if you’re going for a more natural lip color, you can play up your eyes or cheeks.

10. Removal is important
At the end of the day, ensure you properly remove your lip color. Use a gentle makeup remover to prevent staining and keep your lips in good condition. Follow up with a hydrating lip balm to nourish your lips overnight.

Mastering the perfect lip color application involves preparation, choosing the right shades, and understanding the subtleties of application techniques. By following these tips from beauty professionals, you can elevate your makeup game easily.